J. Krohn | Caustic Language (CS) [STANPRAC008]

Standards And Practices

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J. Krohn | Caustic Language
Label: Standards & Practices – STANPRAC008
Format: Cassette, Mini-Album, Limited Edition
Released| 10 Mar 2023

Jonathan Krohn (Stave / Talker) as J. Krohn.

Crawling sonics and late-night nuance — music for the sleep deprived. Stave and Talker member Jonathan Krohn presents nine tracks as J. Krohn. Best experienced from beginning to end, Caustic Language marks a new avenue of restraint, exploration, and trust in chance. Slow music with slower results.

- Limited edition of 50.
- Comes w/ Bandcamp DL Code.
- J. Krohn, Electronics.
- Recorded at 4053 Studio A, Chicago, 2022.
- Mastered by Steven Bailey at rrreplica.
- Design by Common Name, New York.

A1        05/95
A2        11/95
A3        07/96
A4        11/87
A5        06/92
B1        08/91
B2        07/01
B3        11/85
B4        08/94

# Experimental # Ambient # Grey Area

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