Various | stasis III (CS) [SM-VA003]

static motion

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Various | stasis III
Label: static motion – SM-VA003
Format: Cassette, Compilation
Released| 09 Oct 2022

Final instalment of 'stasis', a collection of 12 tracks intertwined together in a single cassette tape. Contributions from 12 artists connects slowly drifting ambient, sub heavy sonics and sharp experiments weave into an hour long journey of static in motion.

~ a state of movement and non-movement at once ~

- W/ Bandcamp DL Code.
- Mastered by Sam KDC
- Art: R.B.

A1   Nim | Nox II
A2   Undveld | Gather In Patterns
A3   Drottning Omma | JMG
A4   Evitceles | Dancing Alone
A5   rookas | Suspended Animation
A6   Voiski | What Makes Us Fall
B1   Nekyia | fflock
B2   Sciama | Pigment
B3   Arkhad & Undveld | Hanera
B4   Atsushi Izumi | Subconscious
B5   SKD | Vakarzemes Velēna
B6   Volunteer Coroner | Emerald

# Ambient # Experimental # Techno

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