ASC | Reflections (2LP) [SPTLP001]


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ASC | Reflections
Label: Spatial – SPTLP001
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Transparent Coloured
Released| 03 May 2024

Fast approaching the label’s two year anniversary, what better way to celebrate than with a double header of LP’s from the stalwarts of the modern atmospheric scene. Fresh from his incredible album on Over/Shadow, ASC continues to find a new lease of life rekindling the atmospheric drum & bass scene of the 90’s, slowing down the pace to reveal a depth that’s just not achievable with higher tempos. Reflections is the culmination of ASC’s work in the genre, picking up where others jumped off, and breathing new life into music with old school breaks and sensibilities at its core.

A1 - Still Motion

Opening the album with the airy sounds of a lively coastline, Still Motion is a glorious, unique throwback gem which takes inspiration from elysian points in time in the history of atmospheric drum & bass. Snappy beats and eager kickdrums contrast perfectly to the serenity of the keys and a warm, soothing bassline which rumbles along below, unleashing a deep three note melody which will be in your head all day from the first listen.

A2 - Glaciers

Delicate beat work and timid bells introduce Glaciers, before jungly breaks take over and the depth of the piece takes shape with long, mournful strings punctuated by an emotive melody, boring its way into your soul. The track displays a dense, contemplative vibe that must be heard to comprehend, heavy with impact as you are compelled to release your own inner thoughts to slowly dance with ASC’s intense production.

B1 - Mirage

Another slice of intense atmospherics awaits with Mirage, beginning with crisp breaks and the sounds of water droplets plunging into the abyss. A cacophony of effects are splashed around the mix while melancholic padwork surrounds the ever-changing breaks, patient melodies waiting their turn to seize the moment. The distinctive “feel my soul” vocal sample delivers a simple message - this is a track from within.

B2 - Constellations

Switching up the vibe is Constellations, opening with ASC serving up a barrage of detailed breakbeats that frolic merrily before soothing pads rise in the backdrop, joined by a serene female vocal sample and calming echoed effects. Mild intrigue sits atop as our breaks are gradually and subtly layered with intricate detail towards a laid-back conclusion, offering a perfect mid-point breather to the LP.

C1 - Diffusion

An eerie, continuous melody - slightly reminiscent of Tubular Bells - opens and punctuates Diffusion, leading into a typically punchy and energetic masterclass of edited breaks. Tense padwork provides a haunting backdrop to the track, while understated sub bass hides beneath a quadruple hit of low, tuneful tones. The distinctively pitched vocal sample complements the composition to create a truly unique slice of atmospheric drum & bass.

C2 - Dreams

Utilising a detailed, zestful break previously heard in certain classics from the old Progression Sessions days, ASC showcases his superb editing skills to chop the break into something quite scintillating and new. Dreams is one of those tracks which has something fresh to offer the ear each time you listen, riddled with complexity yet also dancefloor friendly with some sumptuous padwork and whispered samples in the backdrop.

D1 - Frozen in Time

A deeply atmospheric piece, Frozen in Time delivers a weighty break pattern which thumps its way into the foreground while a tense, endless melody reflexively grips your attention - and holds it. Building a dramatic, thoughtful vibe with long, washing synths and rising notes, ASC’s aural storytelling prowess works in parallel to the nervous energy of the melody, creating a memorable slice of ethereal drum & bass.

D2 - Prototype

Closing out the LP we have something suitably special with Prototype, taking inspiration from far & wide with an experimental feel, showcasing ASC’s versatility and command of the apache break. Beats are edited and scattered like dense confetti in the mix, as a varied array of effects mingle around clouds of synths and deep basslines. A signature female vocal yearns “take me away” - Prototype, like the rest of the album before it, fulfills that desire in style.

Words by Chris Hayes (Spatial / Red Mist)

- Green/Yellow Transparent 2x12" in Full Artwork Sleeve.
- Written, produced, and engineered by James Clements.

A1    Still Motion
A2    Glaciers
B1    Mirage
B2    Constellations
C1    Diffusion
C2    Dreams
D1    Frozen In Time
D2    Prototype

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