ASC ‎| The Tonal Cycles (CS) [AUXC008]


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ASC ‎| The Tonal Cycles
Label: Auxiliary ‎– AUXC008
Format: Cassette, Album, Stereo
Released| 15 Jul 2020

All new concept album from ASC. The Tonal Cycles is a collection of tracks based around a single waveform cycle per track, then expanded upon to create an evolving cohesion of experimentation. The Tonal Cycles is widescreen cinematic ambience at its core, but also adds a more rhythmical approach than previous ambient offerings from James. The Tonal Cycles is full on immersion in to the audio realm of a producer with seemingly endless creativity and inspiration.

Written, produced, and engineered by James Clements.

- Limited Edition Transparent Orange Pro Duped Cassette
- Printed J card and On Body Printing
- Edition of 50

A1     Cycle #01 (Relay)     
A2     Cycle #10 (Film)     
A3     Cycle #02 (Latency)     
A4     Cycle #03 (Formant)     
A5     Cycle #04 (Circa 59-60)     
B1     Cycle #09 (Subroutine)
B2     Cycle #05 (Partial)     
B3     Cycle #08 (Spectral)     
B4     Cycle #09 (Resync)     
B5     Cycle #06 (Integer)

# Grey Area # Ambient # Electronica

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