Autechre | Draft 7.30 (2LP) [WARPL1118R]


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Autechre | Draft 7.30
Label: Warp Records – WARPL1118R
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
Released| 24 Feb 2023

Reissue of Draft 7.30, the seventh album from English electronic duo Autechre on Warp Records. Draft 7.30 was originally released on April 7, 2003.

'Draft 7.30 does return the duo to the more inviting climes of past masterpieces like Tri Repetae (if not Basscadet)the duo has pulled away from the brink; no one ever doubted that Autechre was at the extreme of experimental techno for its own sake, but given a record like Draft 7.30, listeners might actually return for multiple listens.'

- Black 2LP vinyl in printed inner sleeve in wide spine outer sleeve.
- W/ download code insert.

A1    Xylin Room
A3    6IE.CR
B1    Tapr
B2    Surripere
C1    Theme Of Sudden Roundabout
C2    VL AL 5
C3    P.:NTIL
D1    V-Proc
D2    Reniform Puls

# Experimental

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