Alberich ‎| Precursor (Live) (CS) [HOS-592]

Hospital Productions

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Alberich ‎| Precursor (Live)
Label: Hospital Productions ‎– HOS-592
Format: Cassette, Limited Edition
Released| 10 Apr 2018

Pivotal Hospital Productions attendant Kris Lapke a.k.a. Alberich heralds a waaay overdue new album on the horizon with Precursor, a “Heavy Electronics Allegory” recorded live in North America at  an unknown event, 2017.

Responsible for a lion’s share of the mastering and mixing of myriad Hospital Productions releases, plus crucial input to Prurient’s most significant album releases, it’s maybe understandable that Lapke hasn’t found the time to release any new material since 2012, which makes this live recording and the promise of a new album some of the few things to keep us going this year.

In no uncertain terms on Precursor, Alberich summons the sort of intoxicating substance we’d almost forgotten about, casting us right back to the days circa NATO-Uniformen and his further Cassette Works were everything to us and his scattered disciples, fomenting a style of technoid rhythmic noise which irrevocably spiked the underground upon its release. Over the 40 minutes of Precursor we’re given a front row seat to scenes of pure textural malice, punishing beats and cinematic synths of the most potent order, leaving us absolutely gnashing for the new album to come.

- Recorded live in North America, unknown event, 2017.
- Program repeats on both sides.
- Edition of 300 copies. Includes digital download code.

A     Untitled     
B     Untitled

# Power Electronics # Industrial

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