Anji Cheung | Fearless Body (CS) [OS030]


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Anji Cheung | Fearless Body
Label: Oakseer – OS030
Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, Stereo
Released| 21 Dec 2021

Fearless Body was sparked from a re-read of Genet’s ‘The Thief’s Journal’ and his literary alchemy that transforms degradation into poetry and man into saint. All track titles are phrases lifted from the book. I particularly like 'fearless body'- it resonates with my experience of the rhythms and cycles of the female body through time, as a practitioner of yoga gently pushing the body beyond the realm of it’s natural scope and through the breath engaging the bodymind.

"this painful moment must concur with the beauty of my life, I refuse to let this moment and all others be waste matter; using their suffering I project myself to the mind's heaven." - Jean Genet, The Thief's Journal.

- Limited Edition of 50 Copies. Comes w/ Bandcamp DL Code.
- All music, artwork and design by Anji Cheung.
- Tenor saxophone on Black Ribbon, written and recorded by Colin Webster.

A1    Fearless Body
A2    Even Flowers Are Black At Night
A3    Cruelty & Lust
B1    Black Ribbon
B2    Nocturnal Mysteries
B3    Mind's Heaven

# Industrial # Ritual # Experimental # Ambient

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