Antechamber | Night Wounds Time (12") [DR003]

Depth Request

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Antechamber | Night Wounds Time
Label: Depth Request – DR003
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition
Released| 29 Oct 2021

Having stepped into fourth year of existence the factory of Depth.Request manufactures an article in form of an EP titled "Night Wounds Time" produced by British-born underground scene veteran Mahk Rumbae under the guise Antechamber, which—in slight contrast to his arguably better known alias Codex Empire—he ostensibly reserves for a more dysfunctional brand of electronic music intended as much for frantic terpsichorean participation as for contemplating the inevitable under the gloom of moonless nights. In line with the offbeat nature of sounds presented, the release gives a subtle nod to Tom Phillips' literary oeuvre "A Humument", borrowing its name and track titles from the lines within the idiosyncratic book.

A1   In The Vaulted Hall
A2   Blic Adula
A3   Unknown Junction
B1   Rhetoric Of Ruin
B2   On The Borders Of Shadow
B3   In The Vaulted Hall (Yura Yura Remix)

# Techno # Industrial # Experimental

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