ASC ‎| Chaos Theory (12") [ARTSTRANSPARENT011]

ASC ‎| Chaos Theory (12") [ARTSTRANSPARENT011]


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ASC ‎| Chaos Theory
Label: Arts Collective ‎– ARTSTRANSPARENT011
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Released| 01 May 2019

ASC is an integrated artist in our label, for many of us he is a big inspiration with each release, each record, and each track. If you put enough smart people together in one space, good things happen. this is our theory, and this artist is definitely one of them that can even lead us musically and technically, this is 'Chaos Theory' the new work of our man ASC.

A1     Remedy
A2     Magnetic Discharge
B1     Interphase
B2     Mir

# Grey Area # Techno

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