ASC | Limits To Infinity (12") [SPTL017]


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ASC | Limits To Infinity
Label: Spatial – SPTL017
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Splatter Edition
Released| 20 Oct 2023

A1 - Infinity

Opening the EP in true 90’s reminiscence mode, Infinity opens delicately enough with calming drums before thundering amens take control of your experience, expertly programmed with that inimitable analogue heft many producers strive for, but few perfect. Deep sub bass complements the beats as a gentle melody takes shape, enriched with charming piano keys and a rousing, echoing vocal sample - all of which ensure Infinity will repeat on you like the classics that inspired it.

A2 - 2097

Addictive jungle-laced drums and familiar effects kickstart 2097, a deeply atmospheric track that transports the listener beyond the speakers to lands afar. A heavy, consistent bassline rumbles along to mesmerising horns. ASC carves our journey through the track showcasing subtle beat edits and impeccable filtering techniques to mix things up, retaining that old school feel with the modern production standards we have come to expect from him.

B1 - What Lies Beneath

Something a bit different here, What Lies Beneath can be a DJ tool or an armchair experience in one. Immediately injected with intrigue and curiosity, the plinky melody dances around the eerie backdrop as if we are indeed exploring ghostly, uncharted depths. The jittery beat structure is consistently interesting, sprinkled with a cacophony of effects to elevate the composition, creating something quite unique.

B2 - Rainforest

Closing out the EP we have Rainforest, immediately living up to it’s name with a splash of understated tropical backdrops combining fluidly to take you straight to the Amazon. Stabbing, harsh snares dominate the beats in the mix either side of the breakdown, jumping maniacally over the buried sub bass below to a typically detailed rhythm, demonstrating ASC’s diverse repertoire once again

Words by Chris Hayes.

- Splatter Vinyl 12" in Spatial Sleeve.
- Black Paper Inners.
- Written, produced, and engineered by James Clements.

A1    Infinity
A2    2097
B1    What Lies Beneath
B2    Rainforest

# DnB

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