ASC | Moving Through Dreams (12") [SPTL027]


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ASC | Moving Through Dreams
Label: Spatial – SPTL027
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Transparent Blue Marbled or Collectors Edition
Released| 07 Jun 2024

A1 - Polaris

Going all in to open the EP with a truly stand out 2-step roller, ASC crafts a distinctly energetic vibe with Polaris, featuring an intricate old school break seldom heard in drum & bass - packed with high-end detail and a glorious raw energy. With long radiant padwork, a classic jumpy 808 bassline and a stunning, reverberating female vocal sample whooshing and panning across the mix, Polaris will instantly become a favourite in your setlist.

A2 - Things Left Unsaid

Opening with an intriguing fusion of suspenseful keys and deliciously crisp bongos that each play a key role throughout, Things Left Unsaid asks the listener questions of yesteryear in a varied odyssey filled with a myriad of echoed vocal samples, horns and effects, set to a break-laden beat pattern that hops along with kicks and snares each snatching the attention. A calmer vibe from ASC that still packs a punch.

B1 - Temple Bell

A thumping, spirited beat pattern with rapid kicks and metallic snares provide a visceral aural onslaught as the aptly-named Temple Bell blends our imperious breaks with darkly, epic tolls radiating through a vast ornate hall of resonance - suitably reverberating alongside a backdrop of synchronic atmospherics. Heavily EQ’d vocal samples colour the mix to complete a weighty musical collage.

B2 - Contrast

Beginning with a flurry of cow bells in a vibrant, expertly edited take on the classic Circles break, ASC serves up a delightfully laid back yet danceable piece with Contrast. Space FX, swirling pads and a mellow, memorable key melody overlay a beautiful mosaic of calm as the continued thrust of the break drives a constant energy to the track, perfectly capturing the ethos of Spatial and closing another immense EP

Words by Chris Hayes [Spatial/Red Mist]

- Transparent Blue Marbled or Collectors Edition (of 100).
- White Paper Inners.
- Written, produced, and engineered by James Clements.

A1    Polaris
A2    Things Left Unsaid
B1    Temple Bell
B2    Contrast

# DnB

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