ASC | Star Clusters (12") [SPTL023]


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ASC | Star Clusters
Label: Spatial – SPTL023
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Yellow Splatter
Released| 23 Feb 2024

A1 - Phases Of Reality

Easing into the proceedings in subtle yet impactful style, Phases of Reality offers an eerie, soothing aura of sound with bells and horns and a progressive, powerful bassline hook. The melancholic atmosphere grips the listener throughout, intensely wrapping itself around the classic old school breakbeats to create a collage of audio fit for both the dancefloor and that late night contemplative drive home in the rain.

A2 - Impressions

Instant double snare breaks with a hint of apache set the tone for an energetic, thrusting track as ASC flexes his creative spark with Impressions. Rhythmically dashing through a dreamily complex assortment of wispy, thoughtful synths and stretched vocal samples, in lieu of a breakdown the drums suddenly switch pattern for the second half, dialing up the considered intensity which is carried through to a suitably abrupt filtered conclusion.

B1 - Solyaris

An enchanted female vocal sample opens and punctuates Solyaris, a deep, absorbing track which fuses the heft of ASC’s classic analogue amen breaks with inquisitive melodies and suspenseful synthwork to construct a breathtaking cosmic amen mover for the dancefloor. Sci-fi FX add to the interstellar vives in the respite of the breakdown, before the headline breaks resume their aural assault on the senses.

B2 - Oblivion

Mixing up the vibe for an eclectic conclusion, Oblivion utilises a uniquely scattershot hot pants break pattern, with stark clusters of hi hats and sharp snares playfully juddering around a patchwork of echoed mini melodies and a soothing overarching tune. Deep sub bass accentuates the track, occasionally flecked with delicate samples resulting in a great DJ tool and a quirky energy to savour.
Words by Chris Hayes.

- Splatter Edition 12" Vinyl in Spatial Sleeve.
- White Paper Inners.
- All tracks written, produced, and engineered by James Clements.

A1 Phases Of Reality
A2 Impressions
AA1 Solyaris
AA2 Oblivion

# DnB

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