Baby T | Portra (12") [SMDE15]

Samurai Music

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Baby T | Portra
Label: Samurai Music ‎– SMDE15
Format: Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition, Orange Marbled
Released| 24 Apr 2020

B Traits launches her Baby T project with the Portra EP for Samurai Music.

B Traits in her own words on the relaunching of the Baby T name from Resident Advisor

“Baby T is an alias that I am breathing new life into. Originally, my name was Baby Traits (as in baby "features" — I was 18 when I started touring in North America) and as I began to get more DJ bookings within the jungle community, I abbreviated Baby to B so that the name was more androgynous, to prevent the unnecessary attention and bad-mouthing I got whenever people found out I was female.

In a sense, it's a reclamation of my original alias—I played faster back then: hardcore, drum & bass and jungle—and that's where I’m going back to with Baby T, but this time I'm not 18, and I have zero fucks to give.

I've always been a shapeshifter as B.Traits but sometimes eclecticism can be confusing. I feel I need another outlet to create music that has no specific expectations. I want to get back to my jungle roots properly.”

The Portra EP contains 3 versions of the title track by Baby T - Hybrid, Ambient, and Jungle, spreading across tempo’s (and no tempo) to showcase styles Baby T will touch on. It’s a confident debut - a sonic summary of the Baby T path. To compliment these versions, Homemade Weapons and Ancestral Voices have contributed remixes that reinterpret Portra through their visionary processes, with impeccable results from both artists.

- Marbled Vinyl 12"in 3mm spine sleeve with paper inner
- Artwork sticker on sleeve

A1     Portra (Hybrid Mix)
A2   Portra (Jungle Mix)
A3   Portra (Ambient Mix)
B1   Portra (Homemade Weapons Remix)
B2   Portra (Ancestral Voices Remix)

# DnB # Techno # Experimental # Ambient

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