Baby T | Shee Punk 01 (12") [BSHEE01]


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Baby T | Shee Punk 01
Label: Banshee – BSHEE01
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, White Vinyl
Released| 28 Jul 2023

Banshee is the new record label from internationally renowned DJ/producer Brianna Price (B.Traits/Baby T). Drawing “esoteric aggressive feminine energy” from the folkloric figure that gives Banshee its name, the imprint will focus on the output of Price’s Baby T alias.

Brianna knows her way around a dance. Years spent producing, DJing, and touring under the B.Traits alias have given Price a vast knowledge of rave culture. Now, all of that experience has been put to good use as part of Baby T’s “hardcore junglist shit only” approach. Anyone who has encountered a Baby T tune in a dark basement over the years should know that there will be no messing around with Banshee’s output. Baby T specialises in hardcore rave tackle schooled by junglism, electro and darkside techno, the project’s sound was honed via releases on labels like Samurai Music and Central Processing Unit. It’s a style at once wild yet focused, untamed yet laser-precise - This is music that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up – not unlike a banshee’s shriek, in fact…

The first Banshee release is not a collection for the faint of heart. Each of these four cuts is primed for deployment at the point of the party when things really kick into overdrive. Fiercely danceable, and unapologetically abrasive, Baby T’s productions here can school any challenger in the electro, techno, and jungle fields yet also carry themselves with a punkish spirit that sets them apart from the pack.

Every sound on ‘Free Thinking She Punk’ is filed to a sharp point. Think Surgeon shifting into breakbeat mode, Drexciya in the jungle, or more contemporary practitioners like Pessimist getting grizzly with it. The kick drums pound like body blows, a remorseless low-end wobble drives the track onwards, and there’s a crisp humidity to the broken-beat loop which will have ‘Free Thinking She Punk’ moving bodies in big rooms and basements alike. All the while, little unnameable ticks and flicks twitter in the background, stoking the track’s atmosphere. ‘Free Thinking She Punk’ also brings a great sense of tension and release, pulling the beat back to give ravers a chance to air out before hitting us again with that piston-precise percussion.

With junglist breaks dancing around sparse kicks, ‘Get To It’ enters with a kind of bug-eyed technoid flavour that makes one think of Beneath or Mutant Joe. But then, around the minute mark, a voice comes in with a clarion call – “get to it now” – and from there we’re off and running. This one’s the kind of gurgling machine-funk roller that would be a perfect soundtrack to a ‘Wipeout’ game, its combination of vocal snippets, “sound the alarm” synth loops and a wiry 303 making for a high-speed chase through the club’s most thrilling corners.

The introduction of ‘Ultrafunkiller’ makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. For the first ninety seconds, it sounds like you’re listening in on an alert being sounded after an outbreak at some maximum security facility in Area 51. Huge percussive blasts blow out the low end; the background is filled with ominous electronic rumbles, while insectoid synths chirrup higher up the mix; something that sounds like a beat played on industrial tubing flits in and out of the right speaker. When a voice enters to proclaim things get “ultra-funkula”, the tune obliges accordingly. Baby T carries the energy of that more abstracted introduction into the track’s beat-led main body, delivering a hybridised electro-jungle rhythm that never loses the metallic tang of the opening section.

‘I’m The One’ is not, as you might be thinking from its title, a DJ Khaled cover. Rather, this is a livewire roller that delivers everything you’d want and more from an uptempo techno tool. We’re in Planetary Assault Systems territory here – a thudding four-by-four kick, devilishly twisted-up vocals, unrelenting percussion programming, and enough dark rave dynamism to fell a horse. There’s a fair bit of dub wisdom to the production here too, with chemtrails of reverb and delay giving ‘I’m The One’s twittering hats and vocals a truly psychedelic quality. It’s spin ya head out in the dance kinda stuff.

- White 12" Vinyl in Full Artwork Sleeve.
- Black Paper Inners.
- All Tracks Written & Produced by Brianna Price.
- Artwork by Stewart Baxter.
- Mastered and cut at Stardelta Audio Mastering.

A1    Free Thinking She Punk
A2    Get To It
B1    Ultra Fun Killer
B2    I'm The One

# DnB # Techno # Electro

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