Biosphere | Patashnik (2LP) [BIO4LP]


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Biosphere | Patashnik
Label: Biophon Records – BIO4LP
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Gatefold
Released| 09 Jun 2016

Absolutely flooring first ever vinyl reissue of Biosphere's ambient techno opus Patashnik, a benchmark LP up there with classics like SAW85-92, Lifeforms and Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld. Originally released on Apollo back in 1994, Patashnik was the second album from Biosphere, real name Geir Jenssen and built upon his submerged arctic techno sound by looping breakbeats and obscure science fiction samples in that gave his music an otherworldly feel without the visual imagery many of his contemporaries relied upon to achieve this. Those who experience Patashnik from start to end will instantly draw comparisons with Aphex Twin's early to mid 90's output, as both producers had their own very singular take on electronica that was soundtracking many an early morning club/come down journey to the centre of your living room.

Biosphere took influence from the hardcore and jungle sounds emerging at the time but used them in a different way to most by submerging them under slowly bubbling atmospherics more in line with the spacious surroundings of groups like B12. Saying that though, Patashnik isn't a tune in, skin up, zone out ride and there was some bangers tucked into the grooves. The ambient jungle of Novelty Waves went onto become something of an underground classic break through hit after being featured in an advert for Levi's 501 jeans. Sprinkled throughout are reminders that this isn't your average ambient LP and that Biosphere can roll a beat like the best of them.

Patashnik is a journey into the unknown, a push towards moving away from the nightlife and a warrant to delve into the deepest corners of the dense forests of Jenssen's country of origin, Norway. For those unfamiliar with this LP but who have a penchant for or the early to mid 90's sound of labels such as Warp, Clear and of course Apollo (obviously that's gonna be all of ya!) we urge you to give this some of your time. In many ways the forgotten link between Ambient 4: On Land, U.F. Orb, Bytes & Black Secret Technology. Patashnik isn't only a landmark electronica LP but a timely reminder of where this sound came from and how even after twenty-two years this sounds as otherworldly and as futuristic as it did on those long nights all those years ago.  

- 2022 REISSUE.
- Artwork by Knut Fjørtoft.
- Designed by Joanna John.

A1    Phantasm
A2    Startoucher
A3    Decryption
B1    Novelty Waves
B2    Patashnik
B3    Mir
C1    The Shield
C2    Seti Project
C3    Mestigoth
D1    Botanical Dimensions
D2    Caboose
D3    En-Trance

# Electronica # Ambient

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