Cedar | Transfer (12") [re:34]

Cedar | Transfer (12") [re:34]


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Cedar | Transfer
Label: re:st – re:34
Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, EP, Limited Edition
Released| 13 Jan 2022

Jon Schorah aka Cedar is a producer intent on finding new ways to embrace his musical influences, from deep house, ambient, techno to drum & bass and minimalism. Much of his early work (circa 1999) appeared on the infamous Good Looking Records and sub labels.

Later works quickly saw Cedar embrace a more eclectic style, including deep house and broken beat excursions, combining intricate programming with electronic atmospheres and warm harmonic pulses.

Switching from production to music software design led to several years of silence in the commercial world, shortly to be broken with the forthcoming Transfer EP. Again incorporating his signature atmospheric sound, now more technical and experimental, this release pushes the boundaries of genre classification and signals a direction for future works.

At the intersection of minimalist, technical drum n bass & atmospheric electronica lies the latest release, Transfer. The title track sees hypnotic evolutionary rhythms cross pollinate and slide between pure sub tones, ebbing and flowing in a modernist architectural landscape infused with heavily manipulated natural noise recordings, stretched and looped into ghostly shimmers and pulsating tones.

Driving polyrhythms push and pull the tide of natural radio ambience throughout Sferics. Threatening darker overtones spill over, but never quite overcome, as warm pulses eventually enfuse the panorama.
Proxima pushes and pulls with half-time layers anchoring double time pulses, anchored with suckin-sub bass and modulated noise breathing into the space between. From the tension, eventually, harmony arises to fade away almost as it began.

Tension and pressure predominate as VLF ticks toward some serious sub tones.

- Edition of 105.

A1        Transfer
A2        Sferics
B1        Proxima
B2        VLF

# DnB

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