Civilistjävel! | 1 (LP) [CIVILISTJAVEL!-1]


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Civilistjävel! ‎| 1
Label: Civilistjävel! ‎– CIVILISTJAVEL!-1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Repress
Released| 18 Nov 2018

London’s Low Company prize this exquisite side of home-brewed electronic meditations from the ‘90s Scandinavian underground.
The first officially available material from the ultra-covert Civilistjävel! project - primarily active in Sweden in the 1990s, their work has never been properly documented outside of their own private tape/CDR-trading networks. An intimate, diaristic but amazingly fully-realised body of work - created mostly using Juno60 and Korg MS20 - which could so easily have been lost to the world. Music made with no audience in mind, but simply to suit itself: cold-world, dronal minimal synth and ambient techno ice-scapes, austere but full of nameless, 30-days-of-night yearning. Existential electronics of the highest order!  

- Re-press in Plain black sleeve, No Cover. Vinyl only release. 2nd pressing. 300 editions.

A1     Untitled     
A2     Untitled     
A3     Untitled     
A4     Untitled     
B1     Untitled     
B2     Untitled     
B3     Untitled

# Experimental # Ambient # Electronica

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