Civilistjävel! ‎| 2 (LP) [CIVILISTJAVEL!-2]

Civilistjävel! ‎| 2 (LP) [CIVILISTJAVEL!-2]


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Civilistjävel! ‎| 2
Label: Civilistjävel! ‎– CIVILISTJAVEL!-2
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Repress
Released| 02 Aug 2019

The second volume of previously unreleased material from cloak-and-dagger Swedish electronics project Civilistjävel!. Until last year's 1 LP their work - created mostly in the 1990s, using Juno60 and Korg MS20 - had never been officially documented or disseminated. The tracks assembled on 2 pivot away from the lonesome, levitating kosmische themes of 1, and into a dronal, dubwise, heavily psychoactive minimal techno realm. We've never heard anything quite like the steamrolling, monolithic, kickdrum-centered epic that spans all twelve icy minutes of Side 1 - never, that is, outside of a recurring dream we've had since childhood about a recommissioned Northern Rail train smuggling munitions behind enemy lines in a future rural Yorkshire as part of humanity's guerilla war effort against shadowy, possibly entirely imaginary Mysteron-like oppressors. Erm...The other two pieces that constitute this LP are paranoid, broken, sub-heavy constructions that have echoes in Jan Jelinek's Gramm or latterday stuff from Hidden Hawaii, but always with that reserve and austere, out-of-time feel peculiar to the true European mutant/drone underworld. Seriously, how had this stuff not come to light before now?!

- Re-press in Plain black sleeve, No Cover. Vinyl only release. 2nd pressing. 300 editions.

A      Untitled     
B1    Untitled     
B2    Untitled     

# Experimental # Ambient # Techno

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