Civilistjävel! ‎| 3 (LP) [CIVILISTJAVEL!-3]

Civilistjävel! ‎| 3 (LP) [CIVILISTJAVEL!-3]


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Civilistjävel! ‎| 3
Label: Civilistjävel! ‎– CIVILISTJAVEL!-3
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Repress
Released| 24 Aug 2020

The third volume of Civilistjävel! is upon us...need we say more?! Full-body immersion this time ... hope ye packed your bathing suit!

We could make a passionate argument for any one of the Civilistjävel! LPs to date being "the best", and mean it, so let's just say that this third volume of late '90s / early 2000s archival material from the bunkered Swedish production unit is every bit the equal of parts 1 and 2, and feels distinctive in the precise way it marries a flinty, frost-bitten, existential Old Europe vibe - is it those mournful sparse organ melodies?! - with a rolling, aqueous, disarmingly RUDE bassline pressure (the A2 here feels almost like a kinda super-abstract almost-garage a la Gramm or SND). By this point I almost take for granted the fact that Civilist makes me feel like some pre-unification art-film heroine, IN A COAT TO DIE FOR, haunted by unseen forces, jostling my way through the crowds towards an uncertain date with destiny on the main concourse of the central train station - talkin the kind of romanticism that Lawrence's brilliant early releases nailed, albeit a LOT starker - but this one also has me sucking in my cheeks and having to stop meself, Dr Strangelove style, from pulling gun-salutes of pure soundbuoyeeeeee delight. AHEM. Dunno, I listen to this stuff and honestly, I just think, in terms of what it gives, and what it holds back, it is everything I ever wanted from what Mum calls Electronic Music. Not just love, but MARRIAGE MATERIAL.

- Re-press in Plain black sleeve, No Cover. Vinyl only release. 2nd pressing. 300 editions.

A1     Untitled     
A2     Untitled     
A3     Untitled     
B1     Untitled     
B2     Untitled     
B3     Untitled

# Experimental # Ambient # Techno

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