DYL & DB1 | Dual Effect EP (12") [UVB76-026]

UVB-76 Music

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DYL & DB1 | Dual Effect EP
Label: UVB-76 Music – UVB76-026
Format: Vinyl, 12", Clear Marbled Vinyl
Released| 25 Nov 2022

Functional dancefloor music doesn’t come much better than DYL & DB1’s latest 5-track EP on UVB-76 Music. Encompassing elements of dub, techno and drum & bass the EP playfully executes a less-is-more aesthetic where groove rules above all, a seductive proposition.  

- Comes in Clear Marbled Vinyl.
- Written & Produced by Eduard Costea & Dylan Brownsword.

A1    Conquer/Divide (Part 1)
A2    Transverse Waves (Part 1)
B1    Dual Effect
B2    Conquer/Divide (Part 2)
B3    Transverse Waves (Part 2)

# DnB

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