DYL | Nothing As It Seems (LP) [re:39]

DYL | Nothing As It Seems (LP) [re:39]


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DYL | Nothing As It Seems
Label: re:st – re:39
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Released| 24 Mar 2023

Over the course of 13 tracks DYL dives deep in his personal moods and feelings. It's a collection of tracks, reflecting on influences and moments of confidence versus doubt in the past year. Trying to interpretate these feels into sounds with the series of Interpretare tracks, healing his mental state. As always with DYL's production it's an exciting ride along futuristic rhythms, hazy atmospheres and loads of dub influenced elements. Ranging from drifting drum & bass to experimental drum work-outs, all captured in a foggy mist of beautiful pads and scapes.

A selection of six tracks to be released on vinyl in a limited batch of 115 housed in hand printed sleeves.

A1    Padurea Fermecata    
A2    Interpretare 1
A3    Nothing As It Seems
B1    Point 1
B2    Point 2
B3    Point 3

# DnB # Experimental

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