Eusebeia | X (3LP) [SMDELP10]

Samurai Music

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Eusebeia | X
Label: Samurai Music – SMDELP10
Format: 3 x Vinyl, LP, Blue Marbled
Released| 02 Jun 2023

After acclaimed releases on leading UK Jungle labels Rupture and Western Lore, Eusebeia continues a steady procession of creative vehicles for Samurai Music with the LP X . Tweaking the textural layers to lean towards the Samurai Music shade has been a winning formula with his previous EPs for the label 'Fall The Rise' and 'Omen' lighting a musical spark that has turned into a burning flame of creativity that shows no sign of stopping.

X is based on a concept Eusebeia used to tie the LP together as explained by him:

"X is about what is known, particularly with things relating to the past and present, but even more so the unknown, and the future. While these things are intrinsically linked and the past informs the future, there is a perpetual sense of the unknown when looking toward the future, which is why it's best to stay in the present. X is an acceptance of the uncertainty and unknown nature of things to come, but also an acknowledgment of what has come before and got us to the point we are at now, and the inevitability we can/will continue to progress accordingly."

X is an accomplished manifesto of re-imagined Jungle, a mastery of the form that has its sights set firmly on longevity.

- Marbled 3x12" Vinyl 12" in Full Artwork Sleeve.
- Black Paper Inners.
- Music W&P by Seb Uncles.
- Mastered and Cut by Andy Miles at Stardelta Audio Mastering.
- Art/Design by Ryan Quinlivan at RQ Product.

A1    Committed To The Ground
A2    Incline
B1    Trust The Process
B2    X
C1    Internal Combustion Of Fear
C2    Seeing The Unseen
D1    The Crossing
D2    Into The Unknown
E1    Deliverance
E2    Hindsight
F1    Wisdom Of Tomorrow
F2    Self Fulfilling Prophecy

# DnB

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