Evigt Mörker | 5 (12") [EVIGT005]

Evigt Mörker

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Evigt Mörker | 5
Label: Evigt Mörker – EVIGT005
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released| 13 Oct 2020

Marking the fifth communication from his self-titled label, Evigt Mörker’s latest EP offers deft instruction in the tranquilising tension between infinities and physicalities.

Arriving as the follow-up to his stunning debut album for Northern Electronics, the EP makes further illustrations toward the total spectral intensity of Evigt Mörker’s world. Across three tracks we trawl through three effervescent enclaves that each wind a different route to heady clubbed-out ravines. A shuffling impermanence remains at the core of the work, keeping us in a persistent transit between movement and reflection. Cycling a wealth of sonic detail over the listener, Evigt Mörker’s command is as effortless as it is chilling.

- All tracks by Evigt Mörker.
- Mastered by Neel, Enisslab Studios.

A1    Slunga Åska
A2    Häll I Mig
B1    Lossa De Bundna

# Techno

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