Franck Vigroux | Désastre EP (12") [JEZGRO005]

Franck Vigroux | Désastre EP (12") [JEZGRO005]


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Franck Vigroux | Désastre EP
Label: Jezgro ‎– JEZGRO005
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Limited Edition
Released| 21 Jan 2019

The dystopian reality is here but as humans possess enormous power to destroy, we are still subordinated to the greater powers of nature and material world. Desastere depicts the fragility of human experience when compared to space. The A side gives the sensation of inveitable and slow, intimidating superclusters with it’s opener Mare Nostrum, and on side A2 – Supernova track that decelerate into hard-kicking loops. The B side is making an introduction to the final cut that will happen with the Cap on side 1 and B2 The Dune – which finalise the encounter in their off-beat and industrial manner.

A1   Mare Nostrum
A2  Supernova
B1   Cap     
B2  The Dune

# Industrial # Power Electronics

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