Geistform | Antena (12") [TRM004]

Trauma Collective

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Geistform | Antena
Label: Trauma Collective – TRM004
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Stereo
Released| 25 Mar 2022

Trauma Collective returns to shock to your system on their fifth release, which comes courtesy of Spain’s Rafael M. Espinosa aka Geistform. The Barcelona-based artist, also known for his exploits under the Univac alias, has crafted a singular style that exists at the interzone of IDM, digital noise and electro and having earned him releases on Pi Electronics, Femur and Hands Productions in recent years.

Espinosa executes four programs in sonic warfare on the Antena EP, all sounding akin to complex bitstream amplification. A multi-level barrage of frequencies play offense on opening cut “Proxima B”, which sets the theme for more widescreen pulsations that gash the senses, as heard on the syntax error of “Note Repeat” and building up to a climax on the monochromatic soundstage of “Norc” - a jagged and angular exploration in bass artefacts and static redux.

Antena is the logical progression for the label’s next chapter, where it continues to push the threshold of electronic music’s outer limits.

A1    Proxima B
A2    Antena
B1    Note Repeat
B2    Norc

# Techno # Industrial # Experimental

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