Geistform | PI10 (12") [π10]

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Geistform | PI10
Label: Pi Electronics ‎– π10
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released | 22 Oct 2020

Geistform, also known as Raffael Espinosa, is the producer behind Pi Electronics record number 10.

After almost three decades of music making, he delivers a 5 track-EP fusing influences from techno, electro and '90s IDM. Four of the tracks can be found in the vinyl edition, while the 5th is a Bandcamp digital exclusive.
Listen now to Geistform's multifaceted characteristic production style: from breakbeat informed dark percussion and his unique 'radioactive' riffs, to his very own Detroit techno drive, dressed in rhythmic noise aesthetics. PI10.5 is a slower burner with emphasis in the chaos brought by its distorted baseline themes - to be found only on the Pi Electronics Bandcamp page.

- Mastering at Dadub Studios.
- 180g black vinyl + A5 insert.
- Edition of 300.

A1  PI10.1
A2  PI10.2
B1  PI10.3
B2  PI10.4

# Industrial # Experimental # Power Electronics # Techno

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