Geography Of Hell ‎| Dacca 1971 (CS) [HOS-671]

Hospital Productions

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Geography Of Hell ‎| Dacca 1971
Label: Hospital Productions ‎– HOS-671
Format: Cassette, Album, C40
Released| 21 Sep 2020  

Perhaps the most caustic and brittle release from this contemporary industrial noise collective with their most decayed, flanged hellscapes building a cacophonous and stressful assemblage of sound collage, shortwave interface, newsreel loops set to the post mortem dead atmosphere of crowded streets and empty fields scarred with equipment left behind to bake in the sun and circuitry rotted away.
A personal favorite thus far for fans of the early GOH classic tapes like Dresden 1945 and Tchernobyl 1986.

- Limited edition C40 cassette. No download code.

A     Untitled
B     Untitled     

# Industrial # Power Electronics # Experimental # Ritual

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