German Army / Group | Caras Rotas (LP) [FAITH034]

Faith Disciplines

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German Army / Group | Caras Rotas
Label: Faith Disciplines – FAITH034
Format: Vinyl, 12", Album
Released| 13 May 2023

Faith Discipline presents on the same release two of the proposals that best define its identity as a recording project. Two artists, or two bands, or a band and an artist, who coincide in some of their qualities and who also perfectly represent the sound line that the label has pursued since it was launched in 2015. German Army and Group have a lot in common, but their personalities are also unique, as are the objectives that influence their work.

German Army and Group coincide in several ways, both operate from anonymity and their approach to music production is also very similar. The style and sound of German Army and Group is mainly based on extreme and lo-fi treatments, and their music can be categorised as tribal, industrial, ethnic or experimental. However, German Army adds to their style a series of moral principles, as the project is based on a vindictive nature with continuous messages and appeals to the population and the rulers, the health of our planet is in extreme danger and with it the life and dignity of the underprivileged.

A1    German Army | A Thirsty Garden
A2    German Army | Klamath River
A3    German Army | Last Habitat
A4    German Army | The Distant Unseen Impact
A5    German Army | Urban Extent
B1    Group | 000703_1472
B2    Group | 220412_1401
B3    Group | 211020_1176
B4    Group | 210122_1308
B5    Group | 210323_1397
B6    Group | 220503_1432
B7    Group | 220415_1405
B8    Group | 211020_1181

# Industrial # Experimental # Ritual # Ambient

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