Heavenly Bodies | Prima Materia (CS) [StarryEarth001]

Starry Earth

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Heavenly Bodies | Prima Materia
Label: Starry Earth ‎– StarryEarth001
Format: Cassette, EP, Limited Edition
Released| 11 Sep 2020

The prima materia is believed from a philosphical stand point to be the material that began all things. Such as begining The Silvery Waters sister label. Co-founder Heavenly Bodies crafts an expressive ambient album with techno hints, droning pads, noise and tape looped samples into an enriching interlude for the future.

In alchemy and philosophy, prima materia, materia prima or first matter (for a philosophical exposition refer to: Prime Matter), is the ubiquitous starting material required for the alchemical magnum opus and the creation of the philosopher's stone. It is the primitive formless base of all matter similar to chaos, the quintessence or aether. Esoteric alchemists describe the prima materia using simile, and compare it to concepts like the anima mundi.

- Limited to 25 tapes. Comes w/ Bandcamp DL Code.
- Written & Produced by Heavenly Bodies.
- Cassettes Printed by: Retro Style Media.
- Dubbed & Duplicated on Coomber 844 by: Drew Carpenter .

A1     Salt of Nitre and Saltpetre
A2     Formless Substance
A3     Spittle of the Moon
B1     Permanent Water
B2     Marble, Crystal & Glass
B3     Prima Materia

# Industrial # Experimental # Techno # Ambient

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