Holsten | Hidden Figures / Strident (12") [DROOGS013]


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Holsten | Hidden Figures / Strident
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released| 24 Mar 2023

Not content with already laying waste with multiple exhibitions of villainy previously on Droogs and UVB-76, Holsten returns from the depths to inflict more destruction with his latest salvos for Droogs.

“Hidden Figures” blacks out right from the top with insidious pads, phantom force knocks, filthy Reece and a reverberating clock bell that signals the witching hour is upon us.

“Strident” shoots poison darts through the tree line with cascading breakbeats, soundman call outs, more nefarious Reece sweeps and chest out Junglist bravado.

A    Hidden Figures    
B    Strident

# DnB

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