I-LP-ON | Äänet (LP) [EMEGO 254]

Editions Mego

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I-LP-ON | Äänet
Label: Editions Mego – EMEGO 254
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Released| 05 Nov 2018

Ilpo Väisänen returns to Editions Mego under the guise of I-LP-ON with an immense tribute to the outfit he played in alongside his friend and former creative partner Mika Vainio.

ÄÄNET takes inspiration from the life of PAN SONIC, the outfit they inhabited for over 2 decades. Recorded in Kuopio, Barcelona and Karttula, ÄÄNET is made up of a series of minatres that harness the many shadows this legendary act absorbed: Industrial, ambient, dub and club all figure into this edgy slow burning menace of a release. Featuring recordings made on the 2000 PAN SONIC world tour Väisänen has crafted a unique homage to the outfit which redefined experimental electronic music by embracing pulsing club aesthetics coupled with more abstract avant garde tendencies.

The seismic fingerprint left by PAN SONIC avoids dating and genre identification finding a new definition here both as a nod to a notorious past whilst laying the groundwork for reigniting something utterly contemporary. ÄÄNET is an essential release of Väisänen’s as it allows further expansion and broadening of the paths carved out from this resolutely unique form of scratchy and sublime electronic music.

"MIKA VAINIO 1963-2017"

- Recorded at Kuopio, Barcelona & Karttula.
- Contains (field)recordings from 2000 Pan Sonic world tour.
- Mixed at Juniper & Stone, Karttula, Finland.
- Record is influenced by the life of Pan Sonic.

A1    Syrjäytyvä
A2    Raavittua Krokodiliä
A3    Turun Sattuma
A4    Muistoissa 1, 2, 3
A5    Poble Dub
B1    Alussa
B2    Seattle 1
B3    San Francisco Keskustelu
B4    Pimeyden Vasara
B5    Jyvät
B6    Seattle 2, Asema
B7    Melankolia
B8    Lopussa
B9    Manat

# Industrial # Experimental # Power Electronics

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