Jigen | Stone Drum Avantgardism (LP) [^ ^ 01]

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Jigen | Stone Drum Avantgardism
Label: Double Circumflex – ^ ^ 01
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
Released| 06 Jul 2022

Kitchen sink Scuzz n’ Bass from 1998 Tokyo. Existing somewhere between Drum n Bass, Musique Concrète, Free Jazz and Noise,
Jigen (aka Taro Nijikama) ran the cult Shi-Ra-Nui imprint and was a lynchpin of Tokyo's underground music scene, working as much behind the scenes as in front of them.

There is an inherent grit to the work on display here. Jazz-inflected
drums, echoing bells, dissonant flutes, and haunting piano work coarsely interact with skipping breaks and industrial atmospherics, punctuated by tense gasps of silence. Samples disintegrate and reappear, creating a kind of elliptical narrative, and the 9 tracks here perhaps trigger a disorienting sense of dèjá vu.

Originally released on CD by Shi-Ra-Nui in 1998, Double Circumflex is
proud to present the first officially licensed reissue of Stone Drum Avantgardism by Jigen and introduces the prescient sound of Shi-Ra-Nui for deeper excavation into its shadowy fissures. Remastered and cut with maximum precision by Beau Thomas at Teneightseven.

- Officially licensed and remastered 2022 LP edition.
- Previously CD only album from 1998.
- Black Vinyl, Reverse board sleeve.

A1    殘像
A2    一番勝負対右弦
A3    二番勝負対左弦音無
A4    三番勝負対半月百聞
B1    四番勝負対次弦三求敗
B2    samu siro 狭廷
B3    狂雲刀残庖
B4    五番勝負対次弦狂雲斎
B5    Outro 無闇

# Experimental # DnB # Ambient

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