JLM Productions | Drift Current (12") [SPTL028]


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JLM Productions | Drift Current
Label: Spatial – SPTL028
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Transparent Purple Marbled or Collectors Edition
Released| 07 Jun 2024

A1 - Permeate

JLM returns to Spatial with another superb selection of old school inspired tracks. Kicking us off is Permeate, with anxious melodies evocative of 90’s sci-fi introducing proceedings before filtered old school breaks slowly rise into the mix. An early breakdown with the playful bassline flying solo for a spell precedes superbly executed amens adding a thick layer of detail to an eclectic beat pattern.

A2 - Orogeny

Orogeny opens with a lush old school riff, classically off-key melodies and echoing pads as the varied beats takes shape - effortlessly navigating a range of breaks to create a unique, bouncy pattern evoking a dynamic mid 90’s energy with a captivating rhythm. Tuneful synthwork and jazzy drum samples deliver an entertaining breakdown before the breaks resume for the latter half, airy pads adding further texture to the track.

B1 - Subsidence

A contemplative, introspective tone is set by a delicate melody in the introduction to Subsidence, a track which showcases the variety of atmospheres JLM Productions can glean from his unique brand of drum & bass on Spatial set to the usual high standard of classic breaks and bass. Majestic pads and synths envelop the listener in a solemn haze, while a more intense, darkly melody counters, creating a divergent synergy to the vibe.

B2 - Laminar Flow

Closing the EP in style, we are treated to a jazzy, melodic introduction to Laminar Flow with rising strings and vocal samples, before inspired 80’s style synth sounds zip around the mix to a subtle, clean 2-step breakbeat. JLM ups the ante with a crisp Hot Pants break layered over the top while the jazz-inspired Rhodes key shifts craft a tuneful aura as cow bells ring throughout, rounding off another sublime and varied experience for the ears

Words by Chris Hayes [Spatial/Red Mist]

- Transparent Purple Marbled or Collectors Edition (of 100).
- White Paper Inners.
- Written, produced, and engineered by Jamie Myerson. 

A1    Permeate
A2    Orogeny
B1    Subsidence
B2    Lamminar Flow

# DnB

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