Karim Maas & Stave | Godless (LP) [UVB76-LP002]

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Karim Maas & Stave | Godless
Label: UVB-76 Music – UVB76-LP002
Format: LP, Album, Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition
Released| 24 Sep 2021

The culmination of a working relationship that started in 2019, "Godless" is the first full-length release from Jonathan "Stave" Krohn (also known for his work as half of Talker on Downwards) and Thomas "Karim Maas" Cooper. After a joint live p.a. with labelmates in Bristol (suggested by UVB-76 label co-owner Nick Callaghan) a shared interest in both Birmingham-influenced techno, as well as forward-thinking bass and breaks music, led to further collaborations, with Krohn and Cooper pushing rhythm tracks and loops back and forth from their home studios based out of Chicago and Bristol respectively.

"Godless" finds Krohn and Cooper in fine form - it's a cinematic, richly detailed recording that represents some of their best material to date. After a tension-filled "Interlude", the LP kicks off with the brooding, slow- motion "Loop 002", melding scorched-earth/salted ground textures with blackened dub sonics to devastating effect. "D_A_T" follows, a throbbing industrial techno track with a mind-meltingly abrasive and psychedelic breakdown and conclusion. Side A finishes with "Blakk", a desolate, wind-swept landscape that cuts to the bone.

The second half picks up where the first half left off, with opener "track4" - all ominous atmospherics, howling feedback, and existential dread. "Project 1" and "Plan" are LP highlights here - both relentless rhythmic juggernauts that ratchet up the tension and never let up - all nervous energy and pulse-quickening suspense. The release concludes with the title track, a cacophonous and cauterising piece with evocative vocal samples and blasts of harsh noise.

A1  Interlude
A2  Loop 002
A3  D_A_T
A4  Blakk
B1  Track4
B2  Project 1
B3  Plan
B4  Godless

# DnB # Techno # Industrial # Experimental

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