Lemna | Retrocausality: A Priori (12") [HOROEX30]


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Lemna | Retrocausality: A Priori
Label: Horo ‎– HOROEX30
Format: Vinyl, 12", Album, Silver Marbled, Limited Edition
Released| 18 Oct 2019

Japanese artist Maiko Okimoto aka Lemna returns to Horo following her acclaimed EP for the SNTS helmed label ‘Sacred Court’. Retrocausality is 2 EP’s that continue her genre-less approach to electronic music. Aligned most closely to the Grey Area sound that Sam KDC and ASC have been expanding on in recent years, Maiko’s approach is singular. The reality of her music working on dance-floors for Techno audiences is a happily incidental result and not a structural design. Maiko’s music comes entirely from an innate feeling transferred into grooves and ethereal ambience.

Retrocausality works with the concept of the crossover between the spirit world and science - for example, the commonality of thoughts and theories in Buddhist philosophy and Quantum Physics. The realms of these are divided, but essentially the concepts are similar.

The EP’s title ‘Retrocausality’ implies that we can perceive this world from both in terms of ‘A Priori’ (from cause) and ‘A Posteriori’ (from result).

The tracks on Retrocausality represent an accurate cross section of Maiko’s musical style, from the other worldly ambience of Supervoid to the rhythmic winding of Thusness and the heads down floor tunnel of Sattva.

At a time when electronic music is becoming less adventurous as a whole, Lemna represents a beacon of intrigue.

- Silver Marbled Vinyl 12" in reverse board sleeve with artwork sticker
- Limited version available with double sided hand numbered insert (edition of 100)

A1   Nature Of Karma
A2   Sattva
B1   Bardo
B2  Thusness

# Grey Area # Experimental # Ambient

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