Lemna | Storytelling #1 / Reminiscences Of Inner Scenery (CS) [HOROEX34]


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Lemna | Storytelling #1 / Reminiscences Of Inner Scenery
Label: Horo ‎– HOROEX34
Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition
Released| 05 Mar 2020

Horo closes off a run of Lemna releases with a genuinely unique and rare album project.

As disclosed previously, the music of Lemna (Maiko Okimoto)comes from an innate feeling that is never aimed at genre or specific function. She has taught herself to let music creation flow naturally and instinctively.

In 2019 Maiko went through an intense period of insomnia, and found herself writing music in the late hours when the rest of the world was asleep in an effort to transfer what she was experiencing in the crevasse between dream and reality. The delirium caused by sleep deprivation was empowering the subconscious to steer the creative process.

Titles were jotted down reflecting the imagery that was prevalent in her head while writing, but the technical side of creation became an automation that she felt little control over.

“I still don't know how I wrote these tunes as I don't have much memory of those days. But I think they express raw emotions that had been bottled up inside. In the end, this experience ended up feeling like hypnotherapy. I wrote all these tunes in about two weeks at a pace of one tune a night, and the LP is laid out in date order. I can see the kind of process of crystalization / purification of my innermost feelings and memories through the sounds.”

The LP left behind for us all to enjoy is a truly extraordinary experience - A ticket to the recesses of a singular creators mind. Untethered from pre conceptions, Storytelling #1 is an undeniably pure soundtrack to a dreamworld that sees all of Lemna’s musical influences and creative strengths collaborate freely, guided by unknown forces beyond the wall of sleep.

- C74 pro duplicated cassettes
- Edition of 60
- Two sided artwork J Card and on body print
- Clear cassette cases

A1   Creeping On Mud
A2   The World That Is Made Of Fluid Particles
A3   A Rabbit With A Marbled Black And White Coat
A4   Spring Night With A Hazy Crescent Moon    
A5   The Bottom Of The Deep Layer
A6  From The Dark Water
B1   Harbinger Of A Shift
B2   Crawling With Body Fluids Running Down
B3   Wriggling Under The Skin
B4   Liquid Organism Before Hatching
B5   The Farther Shore, Azalea Pink River Fog
B6   Ipomoea Alba

# Ambient # Grey Area

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