Lemna | The Five Elements (CS) [HOROEX33]


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Lemna | The Five Elements
Label: Horo ‎– HOROEX33
Format: Cassette, Limited Edition
Released| 06 Dec 2019

Following the Retrocausality EP’s we present a unique live recording from Lemna. Approaching each live set as a completely new project where no material from releases or prior live sets is repeated is a daunting task, but this is how Lemna constructs each live performance. Already a prolific music producer, the cumulation of ideas and music concepts seemed to be getting lost with many of these live performances not being memorialised in audio form. Releasing The Five Elements is our way of balancing this out.

Lemna presents The Five Elements is itself a stand out from Maiko’s many live performances. This cassette / digital release is a reconstruction of a live set which was performed at the Mononoke Matsuri 2019 festival at Togakushi Ski Resort in Japan with a specific narrative or motif informing the music’s creation.

In her own words:

“I made this set entitled "The Five Elements" under the theme of the yin-yang five elements, because I felt that the venue Togakushi village, which is a time-honored sacred ground, has the energy of those elements. In the theory of the five elements, it is considered that the natural world circulates in harmony by keeping the balance of the five elements that influence each other. I visited Togakushi beforehand and recorded various sound materials associated with the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), and composed music by using them while trying to find a balance between the organic natural sounds and the artificial electronic sounds, which also based on one of the common themes of my expression - harmony and contrast of order and chaos.”

We will also be releasing a recreation of the visual performance that accompanied The Five Elements live to Youtube. This is a collaboration between two visual artists - Videographer Kohei Makita works with material taken by photographer Mitsuaki Koshizuka in Togakushi. At the actual live performance, a reed screen was set up in front of the stage and the video projected onto it with real-time effects.

The Cassette Edition is limited to 50 copies.

- C90 cassette in clear frosted shells and printed inlay card
- All music W&P By Maiko Okimoto
- Artwork is taken from the video for The Five Elements by Mitsuaki Koshizuka and Kohei Makita
- Tape / Design / Layout by Ryan Quinlivan

A    Part I     
B.   Part 2

# Ambient # Experimental # Grey Area

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