Lucid Dreams | Lucid Dreams (12") [STONETAPES003]

The Stone Tapes

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Lucid Dreams | Lucid Dreams
Label: The Stone Tapes ‎–  STONETAPES003
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released| 08 Nov 2019

Lucid Dreams is the self-titled, new project from Jason Luxton aka Overlook, which also features close friends Dean Warburton, Joe Theobald & the vocal talents of Manuela Marchis.
With Shades of post-punk, trip-hop and film score dynamics, The Lucid Dreams EP is an immersive multi-genre listening experience that travels through murky underworlds and dream-like hazes. 

From 'Stone's Throw' to 'Hallucinogenics' the ‘Lucid Dreams’ EP plays more like an LP, with a narrative amalgamating the different moods created by Luxton to present something that feels clear and complete in its vision.

A1  Stone’s Throw
A2  Black Tar (ft. Manuela Marchis)
A3  Doppelgänger
B1   Totemism
B2   Intuition
B3   Hallucinogenics

# Industrial # Experimental  # DnB

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