Meer | Yawm Alhissab, Rabbok Sayakouno Aadowok (12") [VOIDANCE001]


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Meer | Yawm Alhissab, Rabbok Sayakouno Aadowok
Label: Voidance Records ‎– VOIDANCE001
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
Released| 03 Sep 2017

Meer is the experimental and ambient project of the techno rave producer Ambre. In between industrial sonorities, occult rhythms, arabic references and electric guitar improvisations, Meer aims to combine the occidental and oriental cultures. Through dark atmospheres inspired by his North African roots,
he composes his first EP on Voidance Recordings, “Yawm Alhissab, Rabbok Sayakouno Aadowok ».

A1: Rouhk Hia Sada Al Aadam is starting the EP in a frenzy. Drones and blasts of noise are echoing the nothingness buried deep within our souls while constantly pushing hard against battering percussion as if trying to a way out of this agony.
A2: Al Nasr Wa Al Hazima in contrast is an ambient tune, with field recordings and arabic references resembling some kind of solace at first, before turning into a more discomforting mood with a slow and steady beat kicking in after the first third of the track.
B1 Aindama Yahino Al Nar, Kolo Chayin Sawfa Yahtark is raising the tension again, machinegun-like percussion is pushing the track forward, while deep drones are opposing a contemplative mood, thus evoking the feeling of a disaster lurking just around the corner.
B2 The Nastika Remix of Aindama Yahino Al Nar, Kolo Chayin Sawfa Yahtark is turning the original track inside out. The mysterious producer(s) emphasize the more occult parts while piling up layers of layers of sound and in doing so create an even darker mood.

"under the cold stars we dwell
nothing but emptyness in our hearts
divided and alone
while drifting towards an inevitable void
we are dancing
we are dancing as if this void does not exist
and our nakedness is just another protecting shield"

A1     Rouhk Hia Sada Al Aadam     
A2     Al Nasr Wa Al Hazima     
B1     Aindama Yahino Al Nar, Kolo Chayin Sawfa Yahtark     
B2     Aindama Yahino Al Nar, Kolo Chayin Sawfa Yahtark (Nastika Remix)

# Industrial  # Ritual

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