Muslimgauze | Emak Bakia (LP) [VOX57LP]

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Muslimgauze | Emak Bakia
Label: Other Voices Records – VOX 57 LP
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 2nd Edition
Released 15 Sep 2021

We have repeatedly surprised you with unusual releases that sound uncharacteristic for wellknown artists Remember Merzbow with guitars, synth (almost said synth-pop) and drum machine? Well, Muslimgauze's turn came up. Emak Bakia – long out of print masterpieces from 1994. Even in the huge Bryn Jones' discography Emak Bakia really stands out of albums from the period due its rather unique (house-music related) sound and short, by the standards of Bryn Jones, tracks. Like a crossmix between Psychic TV (circa Towards Thee Infinite Beat) and Muslimgauze's trademark percussion and eastern vibes.

- 12" 33 RPM Black Vinyl.
- 2nd Edition.
- New artwork. Gloss finish sleeve. Two Pantone Print.
- With A3 Poster.
- Limited to 500 Copies.

A1    Afghans (Rev. V.01)
A2    Y.A. (Rev. V.01)
A3    Missing Tibetans (Rev. V.01)
A4    Y.A. (Rev. V.02)
A5    Afghans (Rev. V.02)
B1    Missing Tibetans (Rev. V.02)
B2    Lahra Salem (Rev. V.01)
B3    Y.A. (Rev. V.03)
B4    Afghans (Rev. V.03)

# Experimental # Industrial # Ritual # Ambient

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