Muslimgauze | Shekel Of Israeli Occupation (2LP) [SONG02]

Muslimgauze | Shekel Of Israeli Occupation (2LP) [SONG02]

I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free

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Muslimgauze | Shekel Of Israeli Occupation
Label: I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free – SONG02
Format: Vinyl, LP, 180 g, Vinyl, LP, Single Sided, 180 g, Album, Limited Edition
Released| 29 Jun 2022

Written, recorded & performed by Muslimgauze, this album was withdrawn by Bryn Jones, and replaced by the »Betrayal« album, in fall 1993. This is the album in its original form, as intended by Jones. The material was recovered from a cassette copy of the album as the original DAT was reused. It has been released on CD in 2019 by Hong-Kong based label Ultra-Mail Productions and is now available on vinyl for the first time.

“You cannot blame Palestinians for actions taken against an occupation force. You have to use force to free your land, full stop.” - Bryn Jones

- Three-sided 180gr black vinyl.
- Limited Edition of 600 copies
- Download code is pasted on shrink.
- Written, played, and recorded by Muslimgauze.
- Release produced by Dmytro Fedorenko.
- Design by Zavoloka.

A1    Caste
A2   Khan Younis
A3   Iraqikuwait
B      Drugsherpa
C1    Amristar
C2   Jersalem Knife
C3   Yasser Arafat's Radio

# Industrial # Experimental # Ritual # Ambient

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