MY DISCO| Environment Remixes (EP) [LIN061]


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MY DISCO| Environment Remixes
Label: Downwards ‎– LIN061
Format: Vinyl, EP, Limited Edition
Released| 18 Sep 2020

Swaggering, crushing industrial remixes of My Disco’s debut album for Downwards by label gang and pals, including a killer 16 minute slow motion crawler from Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement plus pearls from Giant Swan, Cub (Simon Shreeve), Slow White Fall and Kerridge, big RIYL 23 Skidoo, early ‘90s Coil, Conrad Schnitzler.

Downwards’ rum gang of industrial misfits mutate My Disco’s ‘Environment’ album in slow, brutal and hypnotic styles ranging from SImon Shreeve's smudged gamelan rework as Cub, to a 16 minute stunner by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement (Prurient & Low Jack)

‘Environment Remixes’ serves to tie up a 10 year loop since Karl O’Connor (Regis) first became rapt with My Disco’s 2010 single ‘Young/You’, which lead to him remixing the Aussie band’s song ‘Our Decade’ in 2016, and eventually issue the reverberating clang of their ‘Environment’ LP on his Downwards label in 2019. For the remix suite, they’ve picked a gang of manacled producers to reanimate the album’s cranky mania and classic industrial spirit with suitably bruising results.

The swingeing, stygian flow of Simon Shreeve's Cub remix of ‘Equatorial Rainforest’ returns a big highlight, possibly the project’s very slowest and loaded square between the eyes of early ‘90s Coil and 23 Skidoo, while Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement’s 16 minute take on LP centrepiece ‘Act’ follows that humid line to a frighteningly strong scene of cicadas and crackling neon sleaze sloshed with martial kettle-drum rolls recalling Con Schnitzler’s ‘Conditions of The Gas Giant’, before slipping into the lushest ambient techno mode.

Following the rush of his recent records, Sam Kerridge renders the doomy beckon of ‘Rival Colour’ more tentatively, stalked with spare drums and lugubrious bass, and Bristol’s Giant Swan follow a hunch for lurching halfstep on their reduction of ‘An Intimate Conflict’, for Oliver Ho to amp the phosphorus guitar burn of ‘Hong Kong 1987’ as Slow White Fall with the sort of noisy conviction that also makes his new album such a zinger.

- Mastered by Veronica Vasicka, cut at The Exchange. Ltd to 500 copies.

A1     Rival Colour (Kerridge Remix)
A2    An Intimate Conflict (Giant Swan Remix)
A3  Equatorial Rainforests Of Sumatra (Cub Remix)
A4  1987 (Slow White Fall Remix)
B1     Act (Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Remix)

# Industrial # Power Electronics

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