Nastika | Endless (CS) [ATA01]


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Nastika | Endless
Label: Altar ‎– ATA01
Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition
Released| 05 Mar 2020

With his 2018 Horo EP ‘Black Sun’, Nastika stepped out to identify himself as half of anonymous dread technicians Pact Infernal. The EP left a deep mark that has many curious to hear more.

‘Endless’ is Nastika breaking away from the ritualistic rhythmic trademark of Pact Infernal and his previous solo work to focus on a gnarled ambience, a resolute sonic hostility that is equal parts intoxication and alienation. With ‘Black Sun’, the floor was centre stage, but with ‘Endless’ these ties are entirely discarded in favour of sinister inference.

Fragments of rhythms occasionally punctuate the hazy animus, hanging jagged from the sheets of distortion (From the Shadow, Kitab Al Jilwah, The Ziarahs). These serve as anchors for the more potent netherworld incantations (Imploding Skull, Those Without Voice, Mount Lalish, Nineveh).

Far from an easy listen this is ambience that excels in foreboding soundscapes, the sound of a blurred figure reaching through the fog, shivering in the dark light.

- C52 pro duplicated cassettes
- Edition of 60 (30 of each colour - transparent purple or transparent red)
- Two sided artwork J Card and on body print
- Clear cassette cases

A1   Mount Lalish
A2   Eternal Dwelling
A3   Nineveh
A4   Imploding Skull
B1   From The Shadow
B2   Kitab Al Jilwah
B3   The Ziarahs
B4   Meshaf Resh
B5   Those Without Voice

# Ritual # Industrial

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