Nekyia ‎| Skótos (CS) [BDR#016]


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Nekyia ‎| Skótos
Label: Biodiversità Records – BDR#016
Format: Cassette, Album
Released| 25 May 2022

'Skótos' is a collection of gloomy soundscapes portraying a year of life in Scotland. Based on improvisation, deconstructed organic sounds and field recordings taken during everyday life, hikes and wild camping trips in the Highlands, this dark ambient piece serves as a kaleidoscope of intoxicated memories of the artist: constantly swinging between moments of joy and pure darkness, love and apathy, oneness with nature and hallucination, nostalgia and escapism, the album is a rough yet emotional journal of life experiences in one of the most fascinating and wild areas of Europe.

- Limited Edition C50 Tape. Comes With QR Download code.
- Mastered by Marie Rose at Fix In The Mix LABS.
- Logo & Cassette Layout by Mano Lesta.

A1    Approaching Remoteness    
A2    Reekie Gale
A3    They Sing At False Dawns
A4    Lairig Ghru Breathes Gusts and Rainbows Over The Hills
A5    Willowbrae Dub
B1    Crepuscular Visions
B2    St. Bernards Cres Loop
B3    Between Assynt and Coigach
B4    Outer Hebridean BlueS
B5    After That Night Skyey's Head Was Clothed In Sun

# Ambient # Experimental # DnB

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