OAKE | 47029 (12") [47029]

OAKE | 47029 (12") [47029]

47 Label

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OAKE | 47029
Label:  47 – 47029
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Black Vinyl
Released| 19 Aug 2022

47 revisits German artist OAKE’s seminal track “Paysage Dépaysé” in a special remix EP.

OAKE have established themselves as flagbearers for dark electronica in the years pursuant to their EP on Downwards in 2015, making cinematic dance music for imprints across the experimental-industrial axis—including a solo effort on 47 in 2019. After a series of standout early releases, the artists put out one of their canon-defining tracks, “Paysage Dépaysé,” as part of the Monad XXIV EP for Stroboscopic Artefacts. Now, it receives the remix treatment on 47029 with three dynamic and radically divergent approaches to OAKE’s atmospheric and deeply melancholic inaugural work, which will be pressed to vinyl for the first time.

The newly remastered original song is a post-industrial dirge that weaves OAKE singer Konstanze Bathseba Zippora’s otherworldly vocals over a noisy mothswarm of electronics, but label veteran Killawatt revs the first version’s subdued threnody up to a dance floor-friendly techstepper. On the B-Side, remixer Lemna uses a more restrained style, enshrouding the instrumentals under a martial sashay of tribal breakbeats, while 47 newcomer Quelza brings the collection to a ruminative close by bending and breaking Zippora’s virtuosic solo through a latticework of glitched-out synths and percussive stabs.

- Black Vinyl w/ 3D printed sticker on cover. No repress.

A1    Paysage Dépaysé (Original Mix)
A2    Paysage Dépaysé (Killawatt Remix)
B1    Paysage Dépaysé (Lemna Remix)
B2    Paysage Dépaysé (Quelza Remix)

# Industrial # Techno # DnB # Ritual

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