Opake ‎| El Devenir De La Carne (CS) [BOK004]

Borders Of Known

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Opake ‎| El Devenir De La Carne
Label: Borders Of Known ‎– BOK004
Format: Cassette, EP
Released| 24 Nov 2020

Ancient Civilizations have respected and venerated those who passed away (abandoned this plain) for ages. The cult of the dead consisted of Beliefs that included the departure of the soul from the body at death. Royal bodies were mummified, served burnt offerings and drinks, and cared for by official attendants.

Death was perceived as a state of transition.

Incas were characterized by its magical-religious beliefs where death and life were one. The being did not disappear, but there was a trip to another life, to the underworld realm (Uku Pacha). All mourning before the death of a being is composed of a series of rites, events that we could associate with stages or milestones.

This is the sonic journey of those rites worshipping those who left but have not been forgotten.

- Comes w/ Bandcamp DL Code.
- Mastering: Levan Andiashvili
- Artwork: Aliquis

A1   Withered And Motionless
A2  Telluric Forms (Those who dwell at Uku Pacha)
A3   Mort Amaru
B1   This One Will Become My Tomb, But That Tomb Will Be A Monument
B2   Withered And Motionless (Llimbs Remix)
B3   Mort Amaru (Hålbå Remix)

# Industrial # Experimental # Techno # Ambient # Ritual

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