Orphx ‎| Learn To Suffer (12") [SG1886]

Sonic Groove

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Orphx ‎| Learn To Suffer
Label: Sonic Groove ‎– SG1886
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released| 01 Oct 2018

Following up on their acclaimed 2016 album, “Pitch Black Mirror”, the Canadian duo return to Sonic Groove with four new tracks based on their improvised live performances. These are dance floor tracks with an experimental edge and a pervasive sense of dread, emphasizing the project’s decades - long commitment to fusing techno and industrial music in unique ways. Elements of EBM, electro, and rhythmic noise blur together as serpentine basslines twist through shifting layers of percussion, and modular dronescapes morph into agonized voices of suffering and defiance. Another powerful weapon from the Orphx arsenal.

W&P by Christina Sealey and Rich Oddie

A1     Solipsist     
A2     Bare Life     
B1     Pain Is A Teacher     
B2     Tröma Nakmo.

# Techno # Industrial

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