Overlook / Karim Maas | DROOGS008 (12") [DROOGS008]


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Overlook / Karim Maas | DROOGS008
Label: DROOGS ‎– DROOGS008
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Released| 23 Apr 2021

The DROOGS label is back on the case with another blistering release from two of the stable’s favourite sons. Overlook’s ‘Video Nasties’ warbles through six and a half minutes of twisted bass, tough breaks and raucous sax licks, while Karim Maas’ ‘Dimensions’ is the meeting of archetypal jungle drums and raw untamed low frequency distortion. Both tracks are pattered with whispers and the briefest of voices, something is afoot.  

A    Overlook | Video Nasties
B   Karim Maas | Dimensions

# DnB

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