Overlook | Mima's Room / After Hours (12") [UVB76-028]

UVB-76 Music

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Overlook | Mima's Room / After Hours
Label: UVB-76 Music – UVB76​-​028
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Clear Vinyl
Released| 17 Nov 2023

Overlook's next offering on UVB-76 once again displays his versatility and expertise in crafting mood, with 'Mima's Room' serene pads and intricate attention to detail bring together a cut that is as beautiful as it is powerful.

In stark contrast 'After Hours' does a complete 180 turn and opts for a destructive, bleak tone, reminiscent of classic No U-Turn vibes. The journey of both tracks effortlessly weaving through both dreamlike wonder to nightmarish force.

- Clear Vinyl 12".

A    Mima's Room
B    After Hours

# DnB

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