Presha | RATS : INFEST 3 (10") [SMDE27]

Samurai Music

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Presha | RATS : INFEST 3
Label: Samurai Music – SMDE27
Format: Vinyl, 10", Blurred Blue
Released| 26 Aug 2022

The final chapter in the RATS: INFEST series adds a left-field twist.

Mike Parker is one of the most important historical Techno artists for us and has recently released two halftime EPs for Donato Dozzy & Neels Spazio Disponibile label which have been some of our favourite releases by another label in the last few years. Once we heard these EPs, we were on the hunt for some Mike Parker music on Samurai.

Mike Parker creates music live on an all-hardware setup and has done so since the mid-'90s. There is not really anyone that sounds like Mike and we're excited to have him on board at Samurai.

Mike has recalibrated his machines and created an all-new halftime sound specifically for this remix of 'Mainliner' and his upcoming EP for Samurai. Slightly more quirky and less dense than his usual approach, the machine pulses wind around a steadfast step. An unexpected, but perfect mood shift to re-imagine the Mainliner sinisterism.

Baby T makes a welcome return to the label following on from her debut EP Portra. This time the versatility of the Baby T sound is on display with a 140 Breakbeat killer re-sculpture of 'The Spell'. Dealing out euphoric vibe peaks with 4/4 punctuations and Reese/break combinations, this one is a guaranteed peak-time dancefloor weapon. We love Baby T!

- Blurred Blue 10" Vinyl.
- Artwork sticker on Sleeve.
- Mastered and cut by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta Audio Mastering.

A    Mainliner (Mike Parker Remix)
B    The Spell (Baby T Remix)

# DnB

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